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  October 2007  -  For immediate release ...  

THAT Introduces High Performance Dual Balanced Line Receiver IC

THAT 1286 Dual Balanced Line Receiver

THAT 1286
Dual Balanced Line Receiver


123rd AES Convention, New York, NY - THAT Corporation is introducing a new family of dual balanced line-receiver ICs. The high performance 1280-series is laser trimmed for 90dB common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), and features an industry-standard pinout in a 14-pin SO package. The family includes versions that support 0dB, +/- 3dB, +/- 6dB gain.

Les Tyler, THAT's president, said "these parts offer designers a great range of options on the price/performance curve. The 90dB CMRR of the laser-trimmed 1280-series offers precision performance that is practically unattainable with anything other than an integrated solution like this one. Its industry-standard pinout allows these parts to substitute for the TI INA2134 and 2137, while improving on bandwidth, slew rate, and noise."

The ICs are made using THAT's proprietary dielectric isolation (DI) process in their Milpitas, California IC fabrication facility. Mr. Tyler said that, due to the DI process's ability to deliver discrete device performance, "these parts sound like discrete designs, with the size, reliability, and convenience of ICs."

Gary Hebert, THAT's chief technology officer, noted, "like their single-channel 1240-series cousins, these ICs live up to THAT's usual performance standards. THD is a low 0.0006%, bandwidth extends beyond 7MHz, and slew rate is a high 15V/µs. And the 0dB-gain 1280 uses lower internal impedances to improve the noise performance by 3.5 dB compared to TI's INA2134."

The parts' designer, Fred Floru, pointed out that "other manufacturers offer integrated balanced input stages with either 0dB or +/-6dB gain. -6dB gain allows these parts to accept full pro-audio differential signals of +24dBu or higher without clipping when used with +/-15V supplies. However, the -6dB configuration is overkill for this application, and compromises noise more than necessary. We know that -3dB gain achieves the best tradeoff between noise and headroom for pro audio applications. That's why we offer a +/-3dB version, the THAT 1283."

Samples of the THAT 1280-series are available immediately in RoHS-compliant 14-pin SO packages. Samples, 1280-series datasheets and additional information on the 1280-series and other THAT Corporation ICs are available at THAT's booth at the 123rd AES Convention.

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THAT Corporation, founded in 1989, designs and sells high-performance analog integrated circuits for professional audio manufacturers. THAT’s ICs include analog input and output stages, digitally controlled low-noise preamplifiers, Analog Engines® and its original line of voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCAs) – all used throughout the pro audio industry. The company also licenses patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property to the TV broadcast and reception industries. Licensed products include the dbx-tv® Total™ series of audio enhancement technology and digital implementations of legacy TV audio receiver standards. The company is headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts, with offices in Milpitas, California.

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